Thanks so much for inspiring me to be healthier and making it such fun. I make your smoothies every day for breakfast now, using my own homemade almond milk which is so easy, and I just love your coconut wraps. I'm not vegan but I love the wraps because they're easy and they taste great.

Caroline O'Hare May 6, 2015

Just the thought of a raw diet seemed like a drastic lifestyle change.
 Talking to Carolina from Raw Bites about her experiences had a 
calming effect though as she suggests small steps rather than a complete
 overhaul of meal plans. Firstly, we learned about Almond milk as an alternative to dairy & with 
she showed

Sueraya Shaheen August 25, 2014

This is my first nut milk bag and it works great. No more messy process trying to strain your nut milk through several sieves and a cheese cloth. It’s also so easy to clean and I think it will last for a long time. Thank you Carolina!

Zula Ellentoft September 15, 2014

Jan Wilkens

Thank you Raw Bites UAE and thank you Carolina for introducing me to raw vegan food.  I love Carolina's passion for healthy raw food and I love what she can do with it.  I tried her almond nut milk and am now totally hooked. I had no idea raw vegan food could taste this great and be

Jan Wilkens September 3, 2014

For years I had been thinking and reading about healthy raw food, but my mind kept telling me that it is TOO COMPLICATED, would take too much preparation time and taste boring.... until one day, Caro introduced us to Raw Bites! She was so quickly and easily preparing dish after dish, sharing her knowledge and

Natasha Del Mundo August 25, 2014