Raw Nut Milks

Raw Food: Creamy Cashew Milk

Raw Food: Creamy Cashew Milk 1 cup cashew, soaked for 3 hours Rinse well Blend with two cups of filtered Strain through a nut milk bag (you can find nut milk bags in our webshop) (The leftover pulp can be used to make raw cashew flour, see recipe in nut flours) Raw Food: Creamy Cashew […]

Basic Almond Milk

                        Basic Almond Milk Almond milk is my favorite nut milk. One of the reasons is that in the UAE almonds, compared to walnuts, macadamia or Brazil nuts are less expensive. Another reason is the light sweet taste. There is no need to take […]

Almond Date Milk

Almond Date Milk

Almond Date Milk (Recipe measurements are for dry nuts before they are soaked) Almond soak time: 8 hours. Discard soak water. Rinse well. 3 cups filtered water 1 cup unflavored almonds 4 pitted dates 1 pinch of salt Blend soaked almonds and water well in blender. Strain using a nut milk bag to get a […]